Las Vegas

We drove to Las Vegas to celebrate Brigham Anson Hardy. He was blessed on Sunday, March 30th, his Grandpa Hatch's birthday. The weather was so nice! Ammon tried to convince me to go on the Big Shot, but I was wimpy. We didn't go to "The Strip" at all, which was okay by me. Teresa took us to a fun park where we fed geese, watched peacocks, and had a picnic. We really enjoyed spending time with family.

Thanks to Teresa and Brian for having us; we had a great time!
It was so nice to have a break from the snow.


Melissa said...

you're wearing a t-shirt, abby. i'm so jealous. the first thing i thought when i saw that cute picture of the four of you was, unfortunately, not, "oh cute." it was "t-shirt??? i bet she's freezing." ha.

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