Easter 2008

Hyrum took his sweet time hunting for eggs in the backyard. He would find an egg, pick it up, shake it, and then sit down, open it and eat the candy inside. He wasn't competing with any siblings, no competition--so why hurry? We lost patience with this style of egg-hunting pretty fast. (And I really didn't want him to eat ALL the candy.)

When we finally got him interested in finding the eggs, he refused to put them in his basket. Instead he created little "nests" to which he would return with each new egg.

Easter is truly a time for celebration. There is nothing greater to celebrate than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death is conquered! Jesus Christ lives. "The sting of death should be swallowed up in the hopes of glory." Alma 22:14


Melissa said...

that's great. what a kid.

Michelle & Cole said...

I love Audrey's cute yellow dress. I am glad you had a nice Easter and a fun trip to Vegas.

Carrie said...

That really is hilarious. I love the nest fixation. Benson went through that one too. Oh and by the way your husband is goooood lookin! Hahaha I hope you don't mind me saying that. :) Your whole little family is a good looking little bunch.

Hatch Family said...

I agree fully, Ammon is good looking! No harm in telling it how it is. :)

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